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Coey Tech / Coey’s Closet / Coey Flyer | Customize your logo with Web Design and Graphic Design, Corporate Wear, Spirit Wear, Caps and more.
Coey Technologies
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About Coey
As of May 2021 Coey Technologies, Inc will celebrate their 21st year anniversary!

Thank you for visiting our Coey websites. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with excellence in custom apparel and promotions, design, website maintenance, hosting services, customer service and quality. Here at Coey we can help with branding and marketing for you and your company with custom apparel, promotional items, graphic design, logo services, e-commerce solutions, website maintenance, and other web related services. We will do everything possible to exceed your expectations. Our custom apparel and promotions include polos, quarter zips, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, uniforms, mugs, pens and the list goes on.

Coey’s Closet is a woman owned business and has over 25 years of experience in the web industry and over 10 in the custom apparel industry. Shera Casey started Coey Tech in 1999 and incorporated by May 2000 after she realized that several vendors could not deliver products and services to clients on a timely basis or with any kind of quality or assurances. From there Shera continued to increase business steadily and raised her family. As her children grew she was able to put more hours into the business and it blossomed from there.

We entered the custom apparel and Web development services arena with a new vision and the commitment to provide the highest quality support and services at affordable prices. These services included logo, stationary, brochures and business card designs which we grew to include custom apparel. Today we still offer these same services and include products to help support your company with car decals, custom apparel and other custom printed items.

As our customer you will receive products and services that are unsurpassed in the industry. Our mission is to put the customer back into “customer service.” Our business relationships are built on trust and a quality of service you can depend on.

Coey also likes to give back. We sponsor several non-profit leagues, help fill giving trees around the Holidays, give back annually at Toy Drives and we donate baskets for non-profits or organizations throughout the year.

Contact us today with questions or to find out how Coey can help you and your company. We look forward to hearing from you! Our site is constantly changing and being updated. As always, we are always interested in new and fun products and services, so your recommendations are welcome. (Coey's Closet, Coey Tech and Coey Flyer are all run by Coey Tech.)

Did you get an Orange Slice in your Packet?

As a special treat, when I was a kid, my mom would buy us orange slices. I used to love them and still do. To this day, when I see them in the store I will buy a package and reminisce about happy child hood memories. I know this isn’t much but hopefully it puts a smile on your face as it does mine. Coey wanted to do something a little extra special for our customers, so we include one with every order, and because of the overwhelming positive response we will continue to do so. Thank you for your order, enjoy!


Testimonials and Timeline:

Yes- I would recommend Coey Tech.  They have been very helpful and work in a timely matter. Whenever I email or call with a question, they are very prompt in their response.

Dawn H
Joliet, IL

Thank you - I love it.
Dawn H.
Joliet, IL

Very nice job on our order & thank you!

Craig M.
Chicago, IL

"That is perfect.

"It is approved, I am excited as well.
Darren D
Naperville, IL

"Hope your spring is going well!  I've had many compliments on my website,  thank you!"
Ann S.
Aurora, IL

"A few committee members are here looking at it and we love it.
Thank you very much --- it's a go."

Mary M.
Oaklawn, IL

"Looks great --- please go ahead and proceed."

"I think you do a terrific job."

"NICE JOB on our shirts & hats. They look fantastic. I appreciate that you were able to expedite our order & will plan ahead next time."
Craig M.
Chicago, IL

"I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate what you did and how great the site looks."

"The site looks GREAT! Thanks. "

"I Like what you did Keep up the good work"

We have added new Coey's Crew screen printed shirts, new beer wear, TV and Movie shirts and added a new vendor Next Level to our store. We also added a new category Spiritwear. Plus, we are an approved vendor by Don White for Troy School Spiritwear. We have phased out our Kidorable product line.

We added Coey’s Crew embroidered t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Once we design and manipulate your logo or company name into websites and custom shirts why not stretch it further (becasue it's not that big of a leap design wise) to Vehicle Promotions and promotional items such as pens, magnets and more.

Unfortunately 2012, we have phased out scrapbook products. It just made sense to sell more of the same stuff; women's clothing, t-shirts, and kid’s raincoats. Now, if we could just get Kidorable to make raincoats for adults, we'd be all set (you'll never stay drier in another rain coat!).

Coey decided we wanted our own clothing line and we wanted to brand it with the name Coey's Crew. We have seen other companies do it and we know we can too. We are starting this line small and will grow fast with it; just as our 'motto' goes. We started making different style Coey's Crew embroidered caps.

We took our business one step further, in addition to graphic design, websites, maintenance and hosting we added custom shirts and caps. We thought; who doesn't wear t-shirts? I wear one just about every day. How about you? They are fun; we can design our own, or our customers can design their own, plus, we can sell lots of fun styles. With the owners background in fashion design, this was right up our alley.

Plus, once we work with your logo it is easy to move forward with company logo shirts and uniforms.

We added template websites. Started up with a site to get On the Fly sites.

We have added maintenance packets with our hosting plans and our customers love it! You get one quarterly or yearly bill and thats it. Since the owner was already selling Herbalife, we added it to the online store. We can't help but sell it; they have great products. She loves their shakes and has one a day for lunch and breakfast, eats sensibly for dinner, and loses 2-3 pounds a week. She also loves their moisturizer, vitamins, and Liftoff.

The owner went on a very rainy vacation to Wisconsin Dells. In a downpour, we decided to go shopping downtown, despite the rain. We all put our raincoats on and ventured out early. It rained all day. When we got back, around three o'clock, we peeled our raincoats off. All of us were drenched, soaked to the bone. All, that is, except my son in his Kidorable Frog raincoat. He slid his jacket off and he was as dry as a bone. After that, we had to apply as a vendor for Kidorable Raincoats and gear. Our Frog raincoat has lasted through 3 boys and still looks brand new.

Coey decided to get the store up and running and have it be more profitable. We added scrapbook supplies as they were very popular and began to phase out the interior decorations. That same year we came across the "Oh My Gauze" clothing line, loved it, and decided to sell it as well. Ideas of custom shirts are floating around our heads as its another marketing tool our clients can use along with the design of their websites and graphic design projects.

A family member took charge of the online store and started selling home interior decorating items. After a few months, Coey Tech took the site over and we let it run itself. We still have website and hosting clients and going strong.

We started an online store in 2003 due to the overwhelming responses of customers asking us to build them an online store, but they had no idea what they wanted to sell. We obviously love the family name, Coey, and wanted to use it for our store as well. In turn, I asked my Dad to brainstorm with me and it took him a whole 2 seconds to come up with Coey's Closet.

Designed and tested and implemented a social network website (too bad we let this one slide).  Designed but did not implement a coupon website. We also started development on a website called that was to be a search engine that supplied short description of the company’s website along with your search. Unfortunately we were so busy with our clients we were unable to make our projects move forward, something we won't let happen again.

We started our own hosting and email services for clients.

Coey Technologies, Inc. started its website design and hosting business late 1999 and incorporated by May 2000.

We truly appreciate your business and continued support.
P: 815.230.3400
F: 815.230.3433


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