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Coey Tech / Coey’s Closet / Coey Flyer | Customize your logo with Web Design and Graphic Design, Corporate Wear, Spirit Wear, Caps and more.
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Fundraisers / Donations


Welcome, and thank you for visiting Coey’s Corporation.

Coey's Closet, Coey Tech and Coey Flyer are all run by Coey Technologies, Inc. All Donations will be given by Coey Tech, Incorporated.

Coey decided we wanted our own clothing line and we wanted to brand it with the name Coey's Crew. We admire other companies for branding their own name and would like to follow in their footsteps. We are starting this line small and will grow fast with it; just as our 'motto' goes (however, nothing ever seems to go as fast as Coey would like). We started making different style Coey's Crew embroidered caps in 2011. In 2012 we added t-shirts and 2013 sweatshirts.

We also started selling baseball/softball pants, belts and socks and have a packet that is discounted that includes all three items for teams. PLUS, if you get your team to buy the packet (12 or more) extra discounts apply. We started with baseball/softball because Coey's kids play but will expand this area in the future.

We also design custom shirts and sell all sorts of other street wear type shirts. Your team can sell any of our shirts online or create a custom shirt and we will do a money split with you. Sell 12 or more shirts and the profits begin. Our quantity discount chart tells the story. You charge each person the cost of a shirt, see our website for prices, plus 8.75% sales tax, we recommend you charge $2.50 for shipping (if you are in the area then no shipping applies. You make more money if you collect cash but we do accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. We get charged a fee for all credit card transactions so we both make a little less money - but the convenience out weighs....

Sell your shirts turn in your orders and we make them! Walla!


We can also give you a donation of Coey's garb for teams to sell and keep the proceeds that can include the products mentioned above. Please feel free to contact us email or phone.





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