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Coey Tech | Customize your logo with Web Design and Graphic Design, Corporatewear, Spiritwear, Caps and more.


Coey Tech provides email accounts with all our hosting packets. Emails can be set up for each domain name you buy.

Creating email accounts is not hard and should not take long to do, but sometimes you have to wait about an hour for it to initialize on the server side before using it. If a hosting account does not include enough emails for your company you can add on for an additional fee, $3 per email. Sometimes it is cheaper just to upgrade to the next level of hosting services.

For cost sensitive businesses with few employees, you can buy individual email accounts.

Email monitoring / paring down / forwarding: Have a general email that gets a lot of traffic. Coey Tech can help monitor and delete advertisemnts and forward on the important emails to a preferred account.

What is POP email?
Coey Tech POP Emails are customizable email accounts that allow domain owners to set up web-based mailboxes using their domain name, such as Accessible on the web from anywhere, they are advertising-free with plenty of storage space for large files and documents. You can also forward any POP Email address to any other email address. This helps out when you have more than one account or employees on vacation. You can simply forward the email address to someone else.

Domain-based email is more professional
Your email address is like your calling card in someone's mailbox. It’s a small but important detail that helps make your business or organization look bona fide and professional. Coey Tech's paid email services give users an elegant, simple, and effective solution to elevate their organization's online image, as well as allowing them more flexibility and control over their email functionality.

Why is POP email better than free email?
Free email accounts do not provide the same professionalism, security, and control as paid email. Their web pages are often covered with advertisements and sell gimmicks. Since free email providers are constantly trying to upgrade customers to their paid email solutions, they constantly change the benefits offered. With Coey Tech POP Email account holders will never have to worry about one day losing important features. Everything you need is always there, and we consistently implement upgrades and improvements.

Your email addresses will use Coey Tech's supported domain; i.e. or your domain name.

Options Description
Individual Accounts

Emails are included with hosting packets, otherwise it is $3 an email a month with a $25 setup fee. Discounts apply with accounts paid by the year.


Included with email:

  • Web mail
  • NO Ads
  • Spam protection
  • Easy Management
  • 20MB storage or more
  • POP and SMTP Access
  • Email Forwarding
  • Antivirus protection
Why use Coey Tech POP Email?

Coey Tech's POP Email provides the following benefits:

  • More professional than a free email address
  • Easier for people to associate your email to your organization
  • Web based access (check your email from anywhere)
  • High degree of versatility
  • Cost effective
  • No advertising
  • Spam and antivirus protection

There are 3 ways to check your email;

  1. to check emails online via webmail
  2. go into your webmail and forward your emails to you main email account or
  3. set up your email thru Outlook or other similar email software.

To view your emails online,
this is called Webmail, go to . For example we would use: . You will need to know your login and password.

To add, remove or change emails accounts and passwords please submit an email with the changes needed by emailing us, this is a free service. If you would like to forward your email to a main email account this is where you would go to do it, Coey Tech can also help you with this just make a request via email.

Forget your password or login? You can email us for your information and we will send you your information. (it may take up to 24 hours to receive this information).

Setting up your email in Outlook or similar software

To setup your email you need a POP3 and SMTP account we provide both listed below. However, you can use your ISP (your Internet Service Provider or Internet Access company i.e., Comcast, SBC) code for the SMTP code (either one is fine) BUT IF you use your ISP you need to use their settings for the SMTP code and properties.

For the login use your email address and the password provided. If you need a password email us.

Most software’s such as Outlook will be similar to these setup instructions:

  • Go to tools, email accounts.
  • Choose “Add a new Account” (you can choose “View or Change an existing account” these instructions will be similar for editing)
  • Choose POP3
  • User Information: Add your name and your full email address
  • Login Information: Your username is your full email address, for your password use what was given to you in a previous email or phone call.
  • Server Information: POP3 = and the SMTP =
  • Click on the box that says more settings: Under Mail account enter your name or email address something descriptive to identify this email account to you.
  • Other User Information: under the Organization field enter your name or your companies name, under reply email enter your full email address.
  • Under the Outgoing Server tab, check the box that says “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” IF you are using, if you are using your Internet Service Providers (ISP) SMTP codes see " *SMTP Codes " notes below.
  • Click OK, Next and Finish and you are done.

*SMTP Codes – The SMTP is for outgoing emails you can either use your ISP codes or the Coey Tech codes listed above. Some PC’s are more sensitive than others and prefer to use your ISP code where others can use either one and have no problems. Your ISP is the company you use for Internet Access (Internet Service Provider).


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