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Total Control - is a appetite suppressant
Liftoff - is an energy tablet that tastes like a tart gatorade, make sure the tablet melts all the way

  • The shakes are most effective and tastes best if you mix them with a flavored drink 8 oz, skim milk or juice totaling 110 – 120 calories only in a blener with ice. However, there are lots of variations. If you use diet pop no calories you have another 110 calories to eat, half sandwich or just some lunch meat.
  • Normally when you diet most people want to hit between 1200 -1500 calories a day. When I do two shakes a day the lunch shake is only 200 calories when normally a lunch diet menu calls for 300 calories a day. so calculat tyour calories accordingly.
  • You lose the most weight fastest if you do two shakes a day and a really good meal for dinner, for example 2 lean quisines and salad and all the vegetables you want (all day), plus 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Variations of the diet 200 calories for breakfast, 2 pieces of fruit, all the vegetables you want, on shake for lunch and 350 calories for dinner, one yogurt, 8 glasses of water a day and one healthy snack 120 calories. Meals are low fat.


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Shake recipes:

Diet orange and vanilla powder (you have an extra 110 calories to consume have a protein bar)

Diet rootbeer and vanilla powder (you have an extra 110 calories to consume have a protein bar)

Low fat or light Hotchoclate packet with Vanill, chocolate or mint chocolate powder (you possibly have an extra 60 calories to consume have some soy nuts - check your hot chocolate packet and subtract from 110).

Add 4 oz. skim milk and 4 oz. strawberry or cherry yogurt and vanilla or chocolate powder (if you add the whole togurt yed the calories of your shake so subtract your yogurt calories somewhere else).