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Coey Tech / Coey’s Closet / Coey Flyer | Customize your logo with Web Design and Graphic Design, Corporate Wear, Spirit Wear, Caps and more.
Coey Tech / Coey’s Closet / Coey Flyer | Customize your logo with Web Design and Graphic Design, Corporate Wear, Spirit Wear, Caps and more.
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Coey already does graphic design and websites, which gives us the perfect edge to publish eBooks. Basically knowing code is how we are able to format books to eBooks easily. And the graphic design portion is self-explanatory.

Prices vary on what your needs are, how much detail would you like in your cover (we can do print covers as well) and what format you give us your book in?

Normally to format an ebook for publishing will cost $75 - $250. We will format it into several different formats including mobi, epub, lrf, pdb, pdf, doc, rtf, txt, html and more. You just let us know your needs. We can also publish your books online for you. Once they are published each program can show errors and we will publish until you book is perfect.

Book Designs depend on how many drafts you have and how much detail you would like but they range from $150 - $500. It will also depend if we need to buy graphics for you cover or not. Print graphics are a little more expensive but we recommend buying for print that way you don't end up having to by a second print if things change down the road. Each website you go to publish your website will require a different size image and we provide three right off the bat but have no problem resizing anytime for you. If we publish your book for you we will take care of this for you but still provide you copies for your files if ever needed.

You may also need black and white images for the title page. Since a lot of the readers are black and white only (and the type I prefer) they recommend using black and white images for the inside of the book. If you go to print, they will most likely be black and white unless you are doing a graphic novel or children's books of course.



3:17a.m. ...the waking hour

3:17a.m. is a book written by our own owner Shera Eitel-Casey and we designed a simple cover and website for her.

"….in the middle of a cabin she was unfamiliar with, far away from home, an icy shiver went through Addie’s entire body.

She now knew why the mysterious entity has been stalking and trying to trap her. And poor Jett, her soul mate, got caught in the middle trying to protect her and now his life has been forever changed and not for the good. Addie’s sure Jett blames her for what he is and what he’s becoming.

It all started when Addie had her first dream come to life, she confided in her best friend Nic and together they investigate to see how many of them genuinely track and become reality. If they never started this, if they were blind to it all, would all of this still have happened and would Jett have been exposed?"

Her web address it at a place to post your website at half the cost.






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