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Coey Technologies
  Vehicle Signs & Wraps

Coey can help you design and print vehicle magnets, cling-ons or wraps for your vehicle. Vehicle promotions provide thousands of impressions per day.

Outdoor Advertisement

In today's markets we cannot afford to place any foot forward; it has to be our best foot to compete. Vehicles can retain over a million impressions per year. Let Coey help you make it a good impression.

3M Study on the Effectiveness of Vehicle Wraps

The industry norm is to estimate fleet advertising impressions by calculating the number of miles driven per truck per day by the type of road.

Imagine adding demographics as a dimension. What do you get? Vastly improved measurement capabilities, proof of performance and the ability to target your campaign.

3M measured the advertising effectiveness of fleet graphics for Cadbury-Schweppes Company using GPS units to track 10 Snapple® trucks through two major metropolitan areas.

The three-month study correlated truck routes against zip codes and demographic data to deliver the most accurate measurements of message effectiveness, to date.

  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Box Trucks
  • Cars
  • Trailers
  • Vinyl or Complete Wraps
  • Stone Guard


Professional Graphics Installation







Advertising Medium Cost per thousand (CPM)* /Cost of Equivalent DEC

  • Television $23.70 / $1,445,700
  • Magazine $21.46 / $1,309,060
  • Newspaper $19.70 / $1,201,700
  • Prime-time television $18.15 / $1,107,150
  • Radio $7.75 / $472,750
  • Outdoor $3.56 / $217,160
  • Fleet graphics (Average, annualized)** $0.48 / $30,000

*Based on 61 million Prime DEC annually; average of top 40 media market from Media Buyers Guide.

**Based on cost of test trucks.

Key Findings:

• Fleet graphics generate a large number of impressions -in this study, an average of 6 million Prime Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) per truck, annualized.

• Mobile media advertising offers the lowest cost-per-impression of any major advertising medium.

• Routes and messages can be optimized to target specific demographic groups.

• Fleet graphics add a valuable dimension to the advertising marketing mix.


If you're not sure what to do or start with; vehicle magnets and cling-ons are economical and easy to install and can go on any of your vehicles. Cling-ons for you window start at just $10 a square foot, clear or white sign and the magnets start at only $40 each full color and made for the outdoors. Start small and grow fast...


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